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Reflecting on an Unforgettable Seminar Experience

Bjj Seminar featuring Sergio Canudo Zimmermann, Erik Canelo Bergmann and Andre Nunes

Gracie Barra Sternschanze recently hosted a remarkable seminar that left an indelible mark on our BJJ community. With the esteemed presence of Sergio Canudo Zimmermann, Eric Canelo Bergmann, and Andre Nunes, the event was a dynamic fusion of expertise, camaraderie, and inspiration.

The seminar featured Sergio Canudo Zimmermann. His wealth of knowledge and technical prowess captivated participants, empowering them to refine their techniques and deepen their understanding of BJJ.

We were honored to have Eric Canelo Bergmann and Andre Nunes as additional instructors, enriching the seminar with their unique perspectives and expertise. Their contributions added another layer of depth to the training sessions, fostering an environment of growth and exploration.

The seminar was a gathering of passionate individuals from various backgrounds and skill levels, united by their shared love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It provided a platform for learning, networking, and forging connections with fellow practitioners. Participants had the opportunity to learn from the best, refine their skills, and expand their BJJ horizons.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants who dedicated their time and energy to make the seminar a resounding success. Their commitment and eagerness to learn created an atmosphere of growth and collaboration, which exemplifies the spirit of our BJJ community.

Gracie Barra Sternschanze is committed to fostering a thriving BJJ community and providing exceptional opportunities for growth and development. We are grateful for the trust and support of our students and the wider gracie barra community, which allows us to organize events of this magnitude.

Stay tuned for future seminars, workshops, and training opportunities, as we continue to strive for excellence and provide an inclusive platform for BJJ enthusiasts to connect, learn, and elevate their skills.


To all the participants, guests, and instructors, we extend our sincere gratitude for making this seminar an unforgettable experience. Your support and dedication are truly appreciated. We look forward to welcoming you back for future events and training opportunities.


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